4 Things You Should Do To Become a Sports Agent for College Students

The sports agent role is a highly competitive and tedious one. You’re fighting to get players who will go far in their career. You have to negotiate the best contract for your player. You want to make sure your player is making decisions as far as being a member of the community and from a financial stand point.  These duties are just the tip of the iceberg of what a sports agent does for their client. If none of this is deterring you from your goal, and you love the thought a challenge, then career path of a sports agent may be right for you. Here are 4 steps you
need to take to become a sports agent.

Earn a degree in a relevant major

When considering a degree, you need to learn the skills and thinking it takes to properly prepare you for your future role. As a sports agent, youfootball-902101_1920 need to learn a variety of skills, such as negotiating, verbal and written communication, marketing, sales, health, understanding contracts, etc. Some of the most popular majors or class subjects for future sports managers to partake in are sports management, marketing, finance, business law, and kinesiology. Some sports managers either earned their law degree or masters in sports or business management before taking their current role, or they went back to obtain it after a couple of years.

Obtain an internship

If you are currently in a sports management program or something related. This may already be a requirement. An internships gains you a little be of insight and experience of the many roles and duties that are involved in being a sports agent, and it will give you a little bit more of an edge than people with zero experience. If you are thinking about working for a sports management company, then obtaining internship through them could possibly lead to a job offer after graduation, if you impress them well enough.

Obtain your license or become registered

Depending on the state, this may or may not be a requirement. However, obtaining your license or registration anyway can prevent and problems from occurring in the future. You will mostly like, however, have to undergo a background check with whatever applications or fees required.  Check your state laws to see their requirements for prospective agents.

Build a relationship with your university’s or any local sports teams

College athletes are a gold mine to sports agents, especially athletes who are expected to have a promising career. Find opportunities that will get you involved with sports teams and their coaches as much as possible. Talk with players who might not have an agent and see if you can assist the, represent them, or just try to build an acquaintanceship with them. College is the best time to network, because after you graduate, you may need those contacts.

soccer-434343_1920As far as minor leagues go, they are the best place to start and gain experience, especially if you are venturing out on your own. Most cities have minor league teams, and some players may be looking for agents. Scope the scene, learn about them, see if they have an agent, and make a proposal of what skills you can offer.

 Becoming a sports agent takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and hustle. As a representative of your client, you have an active role in steering his career in the right direction. It is important to have the skills, the experience, and the right way of thinking so you can make the correct steps for your client’s future.

I grew up in your typical American family. Mom and dad were together with decent jobs. I had siblings with varying personalities and hobbies. One thing we could count on to bring us together was sports. Mom and dad would host Monday Night Football where friends and family would come, bring food, watch the games, and talk loads of smack.

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