5 Of Some of the Best Sports Journalism Programs in the U.S

Sports journalism is an exciting and diverse career to be a part of. You will have plenty of room for change and growth the longer you work in your career field. As a journalist, it is your job to gain the trust of your readers and viewers, and engage them of the happenings in the sports industry. Your content must be exciting, informative, and leaving your audience wanting more. Below, you will find some of the best sports journalism programs in the country.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sports journalism. Students will learn about sports media, and how the media has created revenue for the sports industry. They will cover digital sports 100-hdrjournalism, where they will learn how to create a sports website the will feature interactive media, podcasts, videos and more. They will have the opportunity to take as sports law class, where they will learn the relation between sports and the law, and various legal issues that occur in the sports industry.  Other courses include

  • Spots writing
  • Sports Journalism and Society
  • Sports Journalism Research
  • Media Coverage of Sports and more

Michigan State University

Michigan State University’s School of Journalism is one of the best in the country. The university provides students with the opportunity to learn all areas of sports journalism such as investigative reporting, announcing, commentating and more. The university seeks to provide students with a MSU-sign-scaled_0well-rounded education that helps them understand every role that is involved in the sports industry. Students also have the opportunity to gain invaluable internships and experiences, such as visiting the Detroit Tigers press box, where they can watch journalism professionals work and speak with them about their own personal experiences as journalists.

Penn State

Penn State’s John Curley Center for Sports Journalism gives the opportunity for students develop their journalism skills by covering their schools varsity team through various forms of media, such as photo, text, video, and multimedia. They have various partnerships with news media organizations, which has given students the invaluable experience of covering the Penn State baseball team in Cuba, the football team in Ireland, the Olympic Games, and more. They have many industry connections including the ESPN Senior Vice President Rob King, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, The Associated Press’s Jesse Washington and more.

University of Maryland

The Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism has developed a program that provides world class instruction and multitudes of opportunities that Maryland Campuswill help students develop the skills and the mindset of a professional sports journalist. They will learn from industry known sports writers and reporters. They have the opportunity to work for student news outlets such as their Capital News Service, WMUC radio, and the Povich Center itself. They also have the opportunity to help cover Maryland sports, including the Big to, along with the Maryland Athletic Department’s Terps TV.

Arizona University

The Cronkite School’s sports journalism program offers students courses such as sports writing, sports photography, strategic communication, and ethic and diversity in sports. They have the opportunity to cover and report major sport events such as the Olympics, Major League Baseball spring training, and others. Students also have the opportunity to intern with major news outlets to gain real world experience. By the end of their college career, students will be prepared to take upon roles such as sports writer, reporter, producer, anchor, social media specialist, strategic communications coordinator, public relations coordinator and more.

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