5 Sports Management Programs in the U.S. that Undergrads Should Consider

The sports industry is one of the highest grossing industries in the U.S. College sports leagues are more popular than ever, and many people have followed their favorite player from their college/ minor league days to their professional career now. As the popularity of the sports industry continues to go, so does the jobs they create. Many college students and young professionals are waking up to this epiphany and working hard to get the credentials, internships, and skills they need to make it in the sports industry. The most sought out job in the industry today are positions in sports management. Programs across the country are increasing in number and are even offering advanced degrees in the subject. Below you will find the top 5 sports management programs in the country.

Ohio University’s Center for Sports Administration

For over 50 years, Ohio University Center for Sports Administration has 1,400 alumni who play active roles in the sports industry. Their undergraduate program constantly takes strides to ensure their students are prepared for their future roles in the sports industry. This past year, 96 undergraduate students were able to act as consultants to industry cotton bowl 2015leaders as a part of their senior capstone. They were able to work with companies such as Gatorade, Milwaukee Bucks, Scholastic Sports and many more. With this program, you will learn and grow your knowledge of sports management inside and outside of the classroom, so you can be a competitive entity in the job market.

Rutgers University Global Sports Business Program

Rutgers University’s program offers students hands on experience that gives them to opportunity to learn from key leaders in the industry. Rutgers’s list of alumni who are in this industry is highly impressive including but not limited to ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen, NFL Senior Vice President Brian La Femina, NBA Commissioner David Stern and more.

The University of Texas at Austin

The program at the University of Texas at Austin focuses on sports administration, management, and marketing. During the last year of the program it is required for students to complete an internship with an approved company in the sports industry. Students must complete a minimum of 270 hours.

UMass Amherst’s Mark H. McCormack Department of Sports Management

Soccerfest-2014-logo-1-3Their courses cover marketing, law and management. Students will receive an educational experience where they can apply the skills learned to real world situations. Students have a variety of study, internship, and learning opportunities through events such as Soccerfest and Nascar
Kinetics: Marketing in Motion Program, where they will receive event management and sales training.

Texas A & M University Division of Sports Management

Texas A& M’s program teaches student real world principles and skills in preparation for roles such as agent, manager, athletic and program director, marketing and promotion and more. Students are required to complete 3-month internship where they will be able to learn, shadow, and experience various areas in the sports industry such as health and fitness, minor-league, media, the Olympics and more.

There are plenty of sports management programs in the U.S., and the number continues to grow.  In any sports management program, you will learn valuable skills such as leadership, strategy, problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking and more. The internships you will complete will give a first glimpse into your new career and will show you how your skills will be applied.  The skills and internships will get you a foot ahead of those who are entering into the field with other degrees. To learn more about sports education and other sports related topics, continue to browse through our site.

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