5 Things You Should Do to Become a Sports Agent: For People Who Are Thinking of a Career Change

A career change can be a big change and step in your life. For some people it means finding a job that makes them feel fulfilled and makes them feel like they have a purpose. It also mean for some people a greater pay and benefits. As a sports agent, it is possible to benefit from all these perks. You are an essential key in helping a player advance his career. You help him as an athlete, a public figure, as a commercial figure, and others roles that he has to play. You also help him with future endeavors after his athletic career is over. As a sports agent you possess many skills and roles, and the job is anything but easy. If you are up for the challenge and feel like this career path is right for you, below you will find five things you should do to transition into a sports agent career.

Consider if you need to go back to school

There are some skills that most degrees do not have in common. Sometimes degrees lack the skill that is needed to be learned in order to be successful at a certain job. If your degree is the line of business, finance, marketing, or even kinesiology, you may have an easier time transitioning into another career without the need for going back to school.  If you have a degree that doesn’t fall close to these degrees you may want to consider MBA-Agents-Workshop-Asia-1getting an MBA. As a sports agent you need to know how to negotiate, under understand contracts, and have over skills such in sales, marketing, and writing and oral communication. Having a degree such as a business or marketing degree would help you learn some of these skills.

Reconnect with your Alumni Network

Your alumni network is your best connection to sports management companies and people in the industry. Maybe you knew a sports management major or someone who wanted to go into that career.  Checked your LinkedIn account and see if someone opened a page for sports management alumni of your university. Ask them for advice, recommendations, and their experience in the field.

Find an Internship

Although it sounds like a step back, it is actually a step forward and a way to get your foot in the door, especially if you have zero related experience. Don’t feel like you are alone either. There are plenty of people in their late 20s, 30s and up seeking a career change and applying to internships as a way to do it.

Connect with your local college teams and minor league teams

TtFH4STCollege athletes and minor league teams are one of the best ways to get your foot into the industry as well. Visit games and research athletes. Know their stats, if they have agents or looking for, know their future prospects, etc.

Earn State Licensing and Registration

Some states require you to acquire a license or registration.  There is no formal board, so any rules or regulations of sports managers is mostly based on the individual state.

Transitioning in a sport agent career can be tedious and demanding. Having the right skills, the hustle to find promising players, and the skill and the determination to help his advance as much as possible is a must. Learn and advance your knowledge and skill as much as possible before jumping into your new career. To learn more about the sports industry or being a sports agent, continue to browse our site.

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