5 Ways to Become a Good Sports Agent

So you finally made it. You have gained the skills, knowledge, and the licensing you need to become a sports agent. You also have obtained your first client. Now you are asking yourself the question, now what? Now you work hard to serve your client and advance his career as much as possible. How do you do that? Here are five things you need to do to become a good sports agent.

You need to build your player’s brand

Your player’s brand is what keeps him relevant among fans and his league. Marketing, news, word of mouth, even the way he dresses can have an effect of how fans, the league, and sponsors view him. Make sure he has a good presence online, whether that be social media, online interviews, or his own personal website. Have him give back to his community and be a speaker to different organizations.  Have him form his own organization. Get him a spokesperson position with a well know brand, or even have him appear on a popular web or TV series.

Be aware of any and all opportunities when they arrive

d_positionsTeam positions, sponsors, spokesperson positions, and anything else you can think of are positions that can make a players career. Every agent knows it, which is why you can be sure that if another player loses a team position or loses a sponsor, dozens of agents are already making their player’s case to a team manager or to a sponsor. You are up against dozens of other agents who have the same goal as you, which is to get their player on their best teams and connected with the right commercial brands, people, etc.

Be available 24/7

open-247Most agents dream of having regular “off” days. Others believe that there is no such team; as long as their player is living and breathing, they are working. As a sports agent, you will be dealing with hundreds of people, such as coaches, team managers, lawyers, corporate companies, the players themselves, and even their family members. You are the go-to person to every person that is involved with your client. They will call you all day, every day, and at any hour, even at 3 a.m. If you miss even one phone call or not return one, you could miss a great opportunity for your player. What if your player was in jail or in the hospital? How can you explain missing that call?

Learn to be his friend and his keeper

Be his confidante when he feels down about something in life or his career. Encourage him in the best way possible, while being honest as well. Depression, doubt, and other negative feelings can be the worst enemy of any person and could lead to destructive behavior, just like any normal human being. It’s okay for anyone to have these types of feelings; it’s just not okay to let them fester.

Learn how to be the “no” man. Yes your player is essentially your boss, but you are the main person looking out for his best interest. Drugs, excessive drinking, and other destructive behaviors can place your player in a bad light, which could have real consequences in his career and in life. This is not what you want. It makes your job harder than it already is, and it can jeopardize it.

Remember that it’s not about you

A lot of agent’s downfall is greed and self-centeredness. They so focused on building their own name and reputation that they forget about the reason why they even have a job, their client. You need your client more than they need you. They are plenty of agents out there that would love to jump at the opportunity to represent your client. So the next time you ego overpowers your logic, whether it’s during contract negotiations or even at a simple luncheon, remember that your number one job is to represent your client.


I grew up in your typical American family. Mom and dad were together with decent jobs. I had siblings with varying personalities and hobbies. One thing we could count on to bring us together was sports. Mom and dad would host Monday Night Football where friends and family would come, bring food, watch the games, and talk loads of smack.

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