About Me

I grew up in your typical American family. Mom and dad were together with decent jobs. I had siblings with varying personalities and hobbies. One thing we could count on to bring us together was sports.  Mom and dad would host Monday Night Football where friends and family would come, bring food, watch the games, and talk loads of smack. We watch FIFA, college football, and NBA games and finals. No matter what we were doing with our lives, sports were the glue that bonded us. It still does to this. Even though my siblings and I live in different states and cities, we always call each other up and ask “Did you see the game?”

hockey-557219_1920My upbringing is why I chose a career in sports. As a sports writer I am able to meet many people in the industry, and I have seen and experienced many things. I have enjoyed my career and the people I’ve met, and I feel like I have learned a lot as well, which is why I have created this site. To share my knowledge with others, especially the younger generation.

Entering into the sports industry was not easy for me. I didn’t have the connections nor the knowledge that I have now. Many students graduating from college will have this experience, and so will many people thinking about changing their career. With my site, I hope to share my experiences and knowledge and guide my readers into the sports industry. On my site, you will find helpful information, such as the best education programs for career fields such as sports journalism, sports, agent, sports physical therapist, etc. You will also find helpful information on how to break into these career fields.

You will also find articles on some of the daily duties of certain sports careers. Movies and television have glamorized a lot in the sports industry, where people who first enter are shocked by competitiveness and tediousness. That’s what happened to me, but I did not let it hinder me from my goal. By reading these articles, I hope you can gain a real perspective of what your future could look like.

This site is for anyone thinking about entering into the sports industry, whether it be high schools students, freshmen, graduating students, or people looking for a career change. The sports industry is a very rewarding career, if you can actually enter into it successfully.  You feel like you have purpose. You could be the person that people depend on to advance their career, like a sports agent. You could be the person that people rely on for sports industry news, like a writer or reporter. You could also be the person, that an athlete depends on to help them heal from an injury, like a sports physical therapist.  The sports industry has so many roles being played in it, that it is sometimes hard to sort through and decide where you want your career to go. That’s why this is here. To help you learn some of the ins and outs of sports careers and the industry before you set your foot inside it.