5 Tips on Breaking into Sports Journalism

The job market is highly competitive now a days, especially sports journalism. You are going up against multiple personalities, people with an extensive amount of experiences and connections, new graduates, and a lot of veterans. Sometimes it may seem like breaking into sports journalism is impossible, but luck for you it’s not. Here are 5 tips on breaking into sports journalism.

You need to have a love for sports

You can write the most flattering, well thought out article on sports, but if love and passion is not being communicated through the article, then your reader will have a hard time being engage. Sports readers look for writers fenway park press box sports journalismwho share their passion for the games they love, and who has extensive knowledge about the rules of the games and its players. These are the types of writers they trust and will continue to look out of their article in their respective publications.

This is also true if you are a reporter. No one wants to listen to a reporter who shows a lack of interest or enthusiasm when reporting on TV or the radio.

Earn your bachelor’s in sports journalism

Although it is not a requirement, there are some journalists without degrees, it does help. With a journalism degree you will be exposed to all types of media and how you can use them to cover sporting events. You will also learn about ethics, law, and how they affect the sports industry. Earning your journalism degree also gives you an opportunity to gain an internship, which will help you gain experience and put you one step ahead of those with zero experience and/ or who lacks a degree.

Try freelance writing

Sports journalism is a competitive market to break through. For some people it is hard to find employment the first 6 months or year after graduation. The worst thing you can do is sit on your hands and wait for an opportunity to arrive. The best thing you can do is to create your own opportunity. Freelance writing will help you gain your own experience in sports writing, and it will help you build a portfolio to show future employers. If your writing is good enough, you may also be able to sell it to a publication.

If you don’t possess a degree, this will be one of the best ways to start making your way into sports journalism. Really show your passion and skills in your writing, and make every paragraph and sentence as perfect as possible.

Stat your own podcast or web series

This is another great tip for graduates and people who lack a degree. With so many platforms available today, and for free, this can be a piece of cake. Use platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, etc. to report your opinions and observations of events in the sports industry. 17273-sportsj-1368786282-233-640x480Share links on social media, and have your friends and family share it with their friends and family. If it becomes popular enough a publication or media outlet may reach out to you.

College Newspaper and Media Outlets

If you’re in school, this is a must.  Although it may be on the college level, this does count as experience. Most college newspapers and news outlets are ran by faculty and sponsors with a lot of experience in this area, and more than likely they have a lot of connections to newspapers and media outlets outside of your college. So, make sure to work hard and show your skills.

Getting into sports journalism is not an easy task, but with the write amount of effort and determination it is possible. To learn about other careers and sports education programs, continue to browse our site.